Amber Evans Bio, Stats and Information

This page serves to provide information for fans of Amber Evans with both biographical and statistical data as well as where to find more of her work online. This page is updated as new information is discovered or sent to us.

Amber Evans General Information

Amber Evans is an adult nude model and centerfold who was born in Texas on January 7, 1079. Her career in adult modeling spanned approximately 15 years. At her peak, Amber was considered one of the most popular models of the period and was constantly promoted on many adult and affiliate related websites. While she has since retired and moved on to other career goals, Amber's popularity remains and continues to sustain a very large fan base.

Amber Evans Measurements and Appearance

Amber Evans has blue eyes and blonde hair, stands 5ft. 8in tall and weighs approximately 125lbs. Her measurements are 34DD-25-34 and her breasts have been augmented.

Amber has an easily recognizable tattoo of a cross on her lower back and a large tattoo of a sun on the outside of her lower leg, above the ankle. She also has a large tattoo immediately below her navel.

Amber Evans Career

Amber Evans rose to prominence as one of the exclusive models for popular website, after her debut in the latter part of the 1990s.

It is also during this period that Amber began to increase her breast size until they reached their current size, 34DD.

Amber's nude modeling technique matured and evolved with experience since her amateur debut, and it was perfected through her numerous shoots with Foxes. Her popularity continued to soar and Amber was the Foxes' #1 rated model for quite a while, and to this day is still in their top 10, as is evidenced by her constant features atop of their website.

Amber Evans Official Site

There was a period of a few years in the early to mid 2000s where Amber Evans had an official website that was created in association with Foxes and offered exclusive content for fans to consume. That site, widely considered one of the best solo sites for a model at the time, is now defunct. However, much of the original photo content can still be obtained and viewed through the Foxes' site.

Amber Evans Current Status

Officially retired, Amber still shows up now and then in new unreleased content at the website, where fans can continue to download many, if not all, of her sets from both Foxes and those of her former official site.

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